American Gestapo’s Greatest Fears?

A non-usual warning : I didn’t finish this because I have too many things to do. Think of the blank spaces as assignments. And beware the propaganda, who knows what you are being lead to put into those blanks by all the surrounding text? And see how I focused your attention? Can’t be too careful.

Some smart Mullah said to himself “What is the worst thing a young testotsterone-driven hyper-religious un-sophisticate about most everything can imagine happening to himself?  Being killed by a woman?  That’s it!  Even better, I see that Kurdish culture is tolerating some female emancipation, so I shall amplify that thought.” And the YPG is born and some great propaganda* gets made. And our President proves himself an evil son-of-a-bitch.

Our enemy is the American Gestapo, our fusioned Federal, State and Local police forces along with NSA and the 16 or so other intelligence services. Everyone who feeds on the DHS Fusion Center cash flow or the ATF or the FBI or the DEA or any of their informants.   There are a lot of informants, 10s of 1000s.

So what are their fears? How do we use those to degrade the effectiveness of their organizations? How do we use the games we invent to degrade the Gestapo organization to build ours?

III% Patriots include a lot of people who have been, perhaps still are, members of these organizations. Even without any insider insights or information on particular people, I think there are a lot of fun games to be invented that play on fears,  insecurities, blind spots and other foibles of our Gestapo.  Worst case we generate internet noise traffic and phone call noises and social gatherings noise.   Noise that eats at their vitality, causes overtime and endless grief of having to follow up leads their analysts know to be useless, all the while exposed to solid arguments about the reality out there in the patriot world and its contrast with their ever-crazier world of intelligence.  Crazy because the patriots’ games are beginning to affect careers and policy and operations, so nobody’s job is safe, everybody is suspected of informing.

Best case, we make them the laughing stock of the nation, fully deserving their reputations as amazing bumblers who can’t even keep their own web site operating because insiders leak the access every time it is changed.  Or there is a hacker with a backdoor somewhere.  Who can tell the difference?

So, lists** of fears that all bureaucrats have and ones specific to our Gestapo’s organizations, tasks and operations.

Technological Obsolesence

I can’t think of an example of contention in a shared-resource world where one side invented ways of utilizing the resource that the other could not match.  The new ways overthrew the old order.  That is the situation in the world of 2016 : new technology used to create a new social order with increasingly-different values and economics.

This centralized order channels everyone.  Farm programs and subsidies channels farmers in ways that, despite claims to help farmers, have lead to a very high suicide rate among them.  Around the world.

I don’t claim to know how to do better than that, but it isn’t too hard to understand how to stop doing that badly.

Fleshing out visions of possible futures, allowing all elements of our society to make good decisions.  So, let’s start an open investigations and trials process.  Find some deserving first defendant, a bankster or CIA shithead or Neocon master of rapine such as Bremer, the man who never managed to get the oil shipped out accurately weighed.  He took the ship’s word for how much they loaded.  Good thing the world’s captains are all so honest.

So have the debate about who, divide up into teams and go after them.  Decide about selecting juries : the current model or more inclusive, with percentages deciding punishment, the max penalty 99%, or ??  Try several, check out what works.  We can run with multiple pannels doing the same research and prosecution and judgement independently, and see what we think works.  We are experimenting with social forms that will replace our government’s now-useless institutions.

So that is a way of seizing back the public information flow, a pushback, a modest attempt at changing the dynamic, …  Who knows where such precedent might lead?

I hope our gov puts up a good fight.  It will reduce our defense costs in the future.  Any foreign aggressor will have to ask themselves “If the American patriots could beat their own government, the most richest and powerful government in the world, our chances would be small.  They have no obvious attack capability or aggressive intent.  Let’s leave that beehive alone.”


I use Kickstarter as an example of the toolboxes available to a patriot, which make our condition completely different than the ones faced by Paul Revere when they planned their revolution.  Networks of burner phones, blogs and web sites and computers are other tools that can be put to innovative uses in our interests.

Kickstarter is a mechanism for funding ideas.  Ideas are ‘unknown unknowns’, the worst nightmares of officialdom.

Want to fund your militia training?  Start a Kickstarter project to do a movie about the experience, a new variety of Reality TV.   People get autographs, memorabilia, … and you all have a chance to make some $ from Youtube advertising, get picked up by cable. Present the human side of this, the people passionate about Freedom, their concern for their kids’ future.  Movies can be photographed entirely with smart phones, there are a lot of film students who would love to do a film.

I believe a lot of projects can be funded that way.  We needed a videographer at Bundy Ranch, but someone should round up all the home videos and put together a documentary.  Tell our side of the story and the stories behind that.  I would put $100 into that effort, it directly works against our oppressors.

For local interest, you can contrast your police chief’s attitudes with whatever views you think will attract relatively positive attention.  You can adopt whatever political coloration necessary to get police chiefs to agree to interviews for some very pro-police organization.  Some of you already are in those organizations and will help their friends and patriots will support you, if it is a good story and you have good reps.

The next interesting possibility is YouTube advertising.  I bet our revolution can be funded by advertising on the ops videos.

We want a history of the patriot win to include “The videos of the local cops watching the Great Patriot Noise Brigade Local 91 were very popular.  “Citizen entrapment” the police called it.  Millions watched as GPNB91 laughed its way through sort-of-planning an op, playing spy and catching the police watching them.  It suddenly became a Youtube genre, millions of views guaranteed for every succeeding op by the various Noise Brigades. People like good people making good jokes and love laughing at cops.  The Chinese (maybe) remote-control paint-ball SWAT ambush video was worth big money, as Federal agencies tried to buy it to protect their reputations but couldn’t raise the cash in time.  Local police departments became a lot more lenient about gun laws and other aspects of freedom after their times on camera, others on the rumor that a GPNB had formed in their area.”

The first time we make one of those happen, an ops video gets attention in the blogosphere,  the radio and TV people eventually follow the on-line interviews, the high-tide mark of our police state has been reached.  It marks the point of our parity with MSM official propaganda in influencing citizens.

This is a contest to influence the culture.  The internet and Youtube are a lot more our people’s peer-to-peer medium than it is theirs, and a lot of new tools are available to expose people to our views on Freedom.  These are one person’s ideas, you out there have millions of ideas that are better.

They don’t have playbooks for unknown unknowns.  These discussions are going to cost our American Gestapo a lot of sleep.


According to serious security people, getting into the average .gov facility isn’t such a big deal.  When it comes to managing information, our fedgov is leaky and incompetent.

Someone inside a network, with administrator/network privileges, can see anything.  They can suck out all your data for inspection at their leisure, that is what happened to OPM. Progressively from this point, security in the US will be seriously downhill because of the blackmail and other information the files contain about the lives of people with security clearances.  No doubt the US will counter, e.g. more frequent and more detailed polygraph inquisitions, more requirements for pairs of people to do each task and check the other, more access to their financial affairs, rechecks of their current lives and people around them, …  All will annoy fedgov workers but won’t find many moles, if any.  You may recall the last OPM scandal, when it turned out that their security checks weren’t.

Political Failure


Mission Failure

Fellow agencies’ judgment, do they cooperate, reciprocate, invite?

Exposure of Failures Past

Bad for everybody.

Exposure of Failures Present

Lousy operations, criticisms originate within and without, but it generates news and calls from bosses and politicians and a lot of press calling, probes to people in the ranks.


We know there are a lot of people throughout our American Gestapo that disagree with trends and ethics.  It doesn’t take many insiders to produce general suspicion, which cripples their effectiveness.

It also doesn’t take much to produce general suspicion.  Police that consistently get texts from the burner phone network have a lot of explaining to do if money from suspicious sources appears in their account.  One electronic funds transfer from a patriot account into anyone in authority’s account plus an anonymous tip.   It doesn’t cost much to buy a whole profession, it isn’t a bribe because no quid-pro-quo, isn’t illegal to put money into people’s accounts anonymously, so the cost to cripple a group with suspicion might be low.  Good experiment, easily managed, great sociology.  Some POed significant other will provide phone number, hackers know a lot of bank info, …

Very good public debates will arise : is it better to target the most honest man in the department, because he is the one who will arouse the most passions, or the least, because people will naturally suspect him?  The day a cop uses these discussions as the reason money shows up in their account is the day we know we patriots have won the trust game.

There are enough spy stories with ideas, endless things for us to discuss, and them to protect against.  You know local groups will try some of them.  So do our American Gestapo, and they have no defense because individuals can’t prove a negative.  They won’t believe “I have never had a burner phone, never communicated with anybody”.



Would you sign on to a SWAT raid based on information from DHS?  The last team that did that was ambushed, automatic weapons remotely controlled from China, it later appeared.  Good thing it was only paint-ball guns, because those guys were covered with the most garish colors.  Damn stuff wouldn’t come off, all that equipment had to be discarded.

*Revealing propaganda, I thought. This generation’s dumb poor kids sent off to prove themselves in war, surplus population in a poor land. Very real and very effective portrait of just another kid on just another of the sides, going off to war, families stoic or unfeeling, you can’t tell. Kid is terrified, but anxious to be a higher part of the society. Kurds are heroic, neocon shits would rather have ISIS winning, it keeps the wars going.

If we had the video teams in the homes of the kids joining ISIS we would not be able to tell the difference. OK, no girls going off to war, but there were enough of them as suicide bombers in Israel, so that isn’t impossible for these societies also.

Yes, the US doesn’t favor the Kurds, even though they are the major Sunny Moslem group supporting the US in the world. The Saudis and Turks no longer align with the US, the Gulf States deviate in their own directions, all support ISIS against Assand and the others, while the US tries to rally a moderate Moslem militia force against Assad.

The neocon’s quest for permanent world domination is both foolish and stupid, a modern version of the goal shared by Mao, Hitler and Stalin. They use the same tools : lying, thieving, evil, bastards all.

Neocons are replaying a standard history of becoming just like your opponent in order to defeat them, giving up all of your moral-civilization advantage as you do so. These people read history as it was once taught, lessons for leadership. They play to win at their level. You, that great supporting caste needed to extend the power of their games, don’t count except as resources.

**Lists are the fundamental management tool, here used to manage my thinking.  Yours too, if you decide to help.  I can update or extend this list at any time, would love more insights and ideas.  Let’s get the conversations/noise started.  Here is good, but wherever you post, pass the ideas you read about along.  Our weapons in the buildup to God-only-knows being imposed on us by our government are those ideas.

Crisis and Alarms

Nobody likes disruptions.  Our entire intent in these exercises are to make their lives miserable by incessant alarms, disruptions, apparent crises, …  We control that because most of what they get are communications mediated by programmable systems.



This is incomplete, but I can’t do everything.  Besides, it is cutting into the Generalissimo’s gig, so I publish it as is.

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