5GW Rules of Engagement

The goal in our coming contest with our political and deep-state establishments is a society and government transparently free of corruption. From that will emerge a government acting under the full control of the US Constitution of 2016, but with a complete replacement of personnel at the top levels by citizens who are not contaminated with taint of Status Quo.  That government can decide what to do next.

That cleansing of our society with the harsh lights of truth is the goal here.  What people do with all of it is not our problem, our problem is to make certain ALL IS KNOWN.

Intelligent Rules of Engagement are maximally to the benefit of the people using the rules and are maximally against the opponent’s interest.  They must guarantee our ultimate win, the basis of a very great civilization.

They must be simple and relatively absolute.  Thus, they must be ultimately reasonable, understandable to even minds made simple by stress.

The first rule is ‘nothing dangerous, never any risk at all’.  That means also ‘no force against people’. We expect the great majority of our operations to be entirely information operations and accepting surrenders.  At most, knock on the front door and politely inquire if everything is OK, do they need help in surrendering?

Yes, we will have opposition, and will for many less years if we allow it to burn itself out naturally as compared to burn it down ourselves.

Any center-against periphery can hold some areas for some long time, but a siege against the hinterland will not work, even if you are a major seaport.   We control the hinterland to the extent that we need control of anything. So attack is not needed, waiting will take longer, but leave the world in much better shape for our future.

During the initial ‘government out, people in’ reformation, some very few of us may have to pull a trigger or trigger an explosive. Good planning is necessary to ensure those never hurt people.

Second rule is “Nothing dishonest”. We are the Honest Party.  We are the people who depend upon reality to coordinate our actions.  We must be careful not to confuse ourselves, as our current rulers have done with their rules and regulations and laws and subsidies and taxes, taxes, taxes.  They can’t know costs, and therefore can’t know risks.  Their plans are based on very flawed data, therefore can prescribe anything they wish, and therefore the full force of privilege could be applied, and thus the plans work to a certain extent. Just not work for us, and not nearly as well for them long-term as they had probably anticipated.

Part of knowing the risks, the full price, of things is getting the full story easily, we don’t have anything to hide, so we don’t hide anything. Indeed, sometimes we will look bad just letting it all hang out.  But looking bad on the moral high ground is better than looking good down the hill. Further, because we NEVER do anything to put lives in danger, and very rarely will be actually breaking any laws, we will not be faced with the choice of violence vs prison or worse.

So long as we do not use force or fraud, we control the moral high ground.  So long as we control the moral high ground, they are not justified in escalating force.  That escalation is a sign of them losing, and we should resolutely continue our policy of no force and no fraud.  Which is not the same as ‘no resistance’, as the entire sabotage campaign will make clear.

Third rule “Forensics is MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE”.  That is, we want to preserve every document and electronic device, as evidence, and if we have to choose between people escaping and documentation, choose documentation.  (Intelligence forensics primer here.)  The reasoning here is that we have networks of criminals in many different segments of our society, and they are covering for each other.  We need a clean society, and so we need to follow every single lead criminal to criminal, tip-toeing through the Kleptocracy.

It takes documents and testimony to follow leads. Documents compel testimony.  Get the documents, the disk drives, the backup tapes, the network information. Get the names of the people in IT, track them down, learn everything about their info systems.  That is where the information we need is.  Also the lawyer’s files.

The world has not learned, or perhaps learned the wrong things,  from the experiences of Germany, Russian, Chinese and others such as Cambodia, NKoreand and Rwanda.  These are all examples of groupthink and ideology killing people’s humanity.  We must not allow it to happen to us, the loss of civilization for even the survivors, much less the 10s of millions killed, represent enormous failures of people and leaders.

Fourth Rule : Keep your receipts.  Long after the American revolution, people who had funded particular aspects of it were reimbursed, tho it always took sufficient political pressure. And even if not, they are a lovely measure of loyalty to our Constitution.  Cash being the sincerest form of appreciation in all times and places.

Always Seize The Moral High Ground !



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