Mutual Gonad Clutcher’s Union

*Unlike my usual warning, I want everyone to believe every word of this.

I have not watched TV since becoming adult and leaving home, so I have a mind relatively uncontaminated by MSM.  I read a lot, including a lot of serious stuff from MSM, and inevitably pick up headlines, but my mind is overwhelmed with info just like everybody, so if I don’t focus and dig into enough background to give an article context, I don’t remember much of it, and there have been so many scandals of so many kinds in the world of politics and business and academia and government that nobody could remember even a fraction of them.

But, read enough stuff and you get a strong flavor of ‘crimes make you trusted’. In whimsey I postulated an MGCU with the NSA providing secure communications and CIA using rendition to enforce the resulting largest conspiracy ever, with trust levels tracked by the CIA software they used to track informant’s reliability.  I should do more whimsey, I decided, because once you have that as a filter, evidence is everywhere.

More recently I was struck by Sibel Edmonds’s account of the Dennis Hastert story.  She doesn’t quite say this even in the novel ‘Lone Gladio’, where she recounts the story with fake names so she avoids the FBI’s restrictions, but the story is Hastert was the CIA’s man in Congress because they provided his little boys.  He was linked to Chicago mobs that imported and distributed heroin. His existence as a big man in DC continued 2 years after Edmonds and others got the story into MSM via an article in Vanity Faire. (A measure of FBI and MSM’s control by the CIA is how many obvious questions were not followed up, although the message often came from the State Department, and the various mafia people had diplomatic passports.)

That case tied into several others, including the Congressional pages being used as sexual favors by various House and Senate members, and older scandals going back to the first Bush, orphans in that era.

Other things I find quickly via Google : Franklin Coverup Scandal, with a very detailed video that was pulled from Discovery Channel in 1994.  Again, the FBI learned all about the pedophiles of Oklahhoma, no prosecutions.  Threats about ‘reaching the highest levels of the Republican Party’ if the Boys Town ring, and many ‘prominent citizens’ at the parties. Tours of the White House after midnight. Note that the FBI was responsible for sabotaging the cases. the entire gov handled the coverup.

So many additional examples of pedophiles and sex controlling major people, e.g. Rick Perry, whose political career was finally derailed because of the Internet.  And this on Perry. The story was well known in Tx political circles, never mentioned in any press, the same non-story behind why we have so many crooks and deviates in politics.

This problem is not one just for the US.

If all the illicit sex was purely consensual, we could decry the moral decline of the nation, but there is no direct link from how much sex and drugs a nation does to its economic, social and moral stature in the world.  Nations’ don’t decline because the President is an X, nations decline because people stop trusting them, and stop cooperating.  Things go wrong a lot. Seen anything go right for the US in a while?

No, our decline is because of criminal corruption, not sexual corruption.  True, the sexual corruption fuels the criminal and is a source of blackmail power, used so well by our intelligence agencies against our representative government.  Removing that source of their power is not sufficient condition for the return of Rule by Law, but it is necessary for clean government long-run.  Prohibition of human lusts inevitably corrupts the society, human lusts can only be managed by social forces.  Adding legal produces corruption of the legal system because those lusts and individual failures are universal.

As in previous posts on Epstein and his blackmail operation, I conclude that if Western society doesn’t get out in front of this problem, we will never have a clean society.  A society based on shame for things people obviously are not able to resist is one that will be controlled by criminals, as ours is.

Google for ‘pedophile ring’. 620,000 links.  Lots of news stories. Seen any action of a meaningful sort?  To do nothing is to be corrupted by your mafias and police agencies.

So, we need more good clean sexual fun, like massage parlours, more formal houses of prostitution as in Australia, and orgies.  More orgies as an antidote to the shame of sex. **

A true Conservative activist for Conservative values, for good Government would take his wife and family to an orgy this weekend. Family fun in a loving environment that transcends shame.  Then you can run for governor as an honest man and transparently so***.

*Of course my values are universal, I base them on what we know of psychology, physiology, neurophysiology and anthropology, and my interpretation cannot be doubted, evidence for which are my biological insights, e.g. important anthropological stuff.

**The orgy part, just thought of adding family, is just what I have been trying to convince my wife of for years, but you should not conclude I was biased in my reasoning to this opinion.  The deep intuition that comes from the study of systems, I would say.

Also, this is a clear opportunity for evolution of the economy.

And also, I have never even heard of an orgy for the family, so it is very safe advice.  We need a new religion.  If you didn’t make it holy, the children would giggle at how funny their elders looked doing that stuff.  And if the idea shocks you, you need to grasp more of human history.  What do you think living in one room meant? Not primitive, just different, those people invented a lot of our culture, great literature, but didn’t have modern northern woman-hating, sex-negative Christianity in their souls.  That woman-hating, sex-negative part was a culture trap, in retrospect. Not consistent with Conservative Values.

***Clearly, the first tentative step in testing voter approval of this style pledge of transparency would be for candidates for political office to put up a sex tape of them and wife.  It would not have to be real explicit.  Larry Flynt would probably consult on the commercial and that would show there was no blackmail involved.   Rick Morrow, the chairman of the country RNC for Austin, comes real close with his admission ‘Rick Perry and I like the same women’.  He was elected with 55% of the vote in a several-person race, and is careful to admit that most of the win was being first name on the ballot for that position.  The man is in tune with his voters, and did you know who the Austin RNC chairman was?

You read about the new trends in our society here first.


Added a bit later, watching the end of the video : He draws the moral that if you own 3 pieces of s system, media, prosecutor, police, you own the system.  The exactly Israeli-Neocon playbook we see every day, if we read between enough lines, at least.

Added a bit later, I realized that I had forgotten the DC Madam story that kicked this off.  800+ names in the DC area, including a presidential candidate.  And if anyone thinks the DC Madam killed herself, she doesn’t understand the Dennis Hastert plea bargain process. Her lawyer was stupid, Hastert’s lawyer didn’t make it clear to the media he was grey-mailing the government, would probably have gotten off clean if he had kept his mouth shut.  Hastert got off clean because the gov couldn’t give away all of the secrets Hastert would have put into the open, e.g. the CIA’s blackmail all those years. She dies, and her lawyer is still getting personal publicity, probably blackmail payments to not include phone #s.  No justice.

Added later. Just after this was published, I was banned from zerohedge. I have never published anything bannable there, and nowhere every advocate fraud or violence, so I assume that some of the political and social groups I argue against did it, and probably mis-represented this to do so.

If anyone knows how to fix such a thing, let me know.  Also, what site is as good for comments as zh?

Just found this, an interesting view of the ultimate government oversight in child rearing, the precise thing producing all the idiot laws.  Again, I am not advocating sex with children, I am advocating that children not be treated as uniform entities to be herded in groups through their young life and prevented from normal human experiences.  That is not sex with adults, but it is also not ignorance of all things sexual as we insist.  I grew up on a farm, very different than what modern children experience, but still far from one-room homes or tribes around the fire. (I am working on a discussion of this for school, etc.)

The more we learn about genetics and brain development, the more we learn of the strong interactions between experiences and brain developments.  Your brain and mind cannot develop normally without a wide range of human experience.  I do not know that includes anything about open sexuality of adults, but all of the above says we have a rather strange group of men and sexual behavior.  Males preferring younger women is universal, obviously genetic.  Males preferring very young women and boys would obviously have been at a selective disadvantage individually and groups that allowed that ditto, so this is not a normal expression of human minds.  I have not seen such a discussion, tho there is a genetic evidence for selection of a ‘gay gene’, a consequence of competition between genes.

added later.  As usual, I find links broadly supporting some aspects, maybe. Interesting, at least as measures of social change.


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