More Bad Trends For Elites

I comment often on the trends against our elites, especially the Israeli-Neocons in their quest to strangle Freedom around the world and here at home.  Another aspect just struck me, what I consider good evidence for the growth of citizen government, not just citizen journalism.

The article is by Robert Parry, is quite long, and discusses at length the evidence that the Dutch investigators are doing their best to allow the sands of time to run out before allowing anyone to decide anything about any fact whatsoever.

As I read that, I started wondering.  The Ukraine was the first time the US’s State Departments claims were so obviously un-hinged from reality, we blamed Russia in the strongest terms from the first moments and Kerry claimed the strongest possible evidence.  Obviously we didn’t have any of the evidence for what we claimed, we never produced any of it.  And a most suspicious thing was lowering the flight path’s altitude, but I never saw an expert’s opinion on that.  But I had always thought, suspicious mind tho I am, that it was either an attempt on Putin’s plane that supposedly had a flight 100 miles away or so at barely close enough times to be plausible, inclusive-or some dumb mistake. Later I read Putin’s plane was never on such a flight path.

But reading Parry’s story, you have to start asking whose benefit was it to blame Russia?  Which was the US line from the first word.

And then you read this comment, in the list of 88 when I looked, and see that MSM is many steps behind the people digging through the evidence, analyzing and collating it.  I am very impressed with this comment stream, a new measure of a good investigative journalist is he quality of the comments he attracts. Many people commenting on Robert Parry’s article are careful, have the evidence at their fingertips and put it in context, many contexts, in fact.  Evidence for the US trying to frame Russia, evidence for the right sector doing another false flag, … Lots of ‘what does this mean about our country and leaders?’

This stuff filters up into mainstream journalism, when mainstream journalism lets it.

Reading comments, I recognized Liam’s name on this quite serious journalist’s site.  Given my leaky memory, it means his comments had caught my eye on more than one occasion, because while I read all of Parry’s articles, less often the comments, Parry doesn’t publish that often.  So, a person can have an international reputation for making good comments :

March 17, 2016 at 6:28 pm

All evidence does point towards Kolomoisky and his Right Sector fascist battalions who committed multiple false flag and atrocities in Ukraine after the coup of 2014. His assistants Facebook account was hacked and the messaging describes them faking the audio recordings released by the Kiev regime the day MH17 came down. I have assembled a number of links related to the Ukrainian Civil War that prove the Kiev regime were very well capable of shooting down MH-17 and are the most likely perpetrators of this mass murder event.

A) Link to Ukrainian military footage showing their use of BUK missile launchers on July 16th, 2014 in the shootdown zone.

B) 2nd link showing Ukrainian BUK’s being maneuvered in the shootdown zone on July 4, 2014.

C) John McCain caught lying on national TV about Kievs BUKs.

D) Proof that Vice News edited footage to paint rebels in a negative light.

E) Link to BBC’s own deleted footage regarding MH-17 and witnesses who saw fighter jets by the plane.

F) Link to 4 min Australian News video proving rebels believed there were two planes shot down. Australian News edited this and only released 4 minutes of 17 minutes which begs the questions why and where is the rest of the footage?

G) Multiple BUKs caught on video with the Ukrainian armed forces.

H) Link to highly graphic rarely seen video of MH-17 victims and anomalies. Graphic Warning:

I) Link to highly graphic 175 video archive of Kiev regime Right Sector atrocities and false flags conducted upon innocent ethnic Russian Ukrainian civilians.

J) Link to story about British double agent that works with Elliot Higgins (Bellingcat) who gave out false and misleading info on MH-17. This ‘witness’ was never questioned by the Dutch Safety Board as to why he misled reporters in regards to MH-17.

K) Analysis of the original recordings the Kiev regime released on the day of the shootdown prove that they are fake and have been edited in a studio. Highlighting that it was the event was premeditated mass murder.

L) Link to Facebook conversation and screenshots of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoiskys Assistant regarding faking the audio recordings that frame up Russia for MH17. Released by Cyber Berkut.

M) Link to Harpers magazine article dated August 13, 2015 highlighting the theft of $1.8 billion of IMF funds by Igor Kolomoisky.

N) Link to Yahoo/AFP article highlighting Igor Kolomoisky’s control over the Right Sector Aidar battalion who are complicit in atrocities against civilians.

O) Link to witness testimony of Ukrainian airman who claims Ukrainian jets flew sorties on the day MH17 was downed and returned without air to air missiles.

P) Link to official full Russian radar presentation on MH17. The Dutch Safety Board has been untruthful when they say that Ukraine released video of their radar from MH17. The Kiev regime has released no such video. Russia released their video on July 21, 2014.


This web site is clearly frequented by people who follow the evidence, all the evidence, in great detail, with careful attention to all the alternatives. And debate interpretations in very reasoned discourse from many points of view, having viewed and experienced such events around the world and studied previous such cases.

The thing that jumps out in these discussions, and they happen in many sites for many posts, is the interpretations of the evidence : Nobody shuts down all of the radars in a country at the same time, therefore the Ukraine’s excuse that radars were down for maintenance cannot be true, and therefore the Ukraine is hiding evidence.  That is the kind of thing you can’t get in a news article, the best they can say is “Authorities claimed extraordinary reasons for all of the radars in the country being down at the same time, including urgent scheduled maintenance”, the very high probability of a coverup of evidence against their cases being diffused as a result.

Many points of view, reflections on many other things, a good list of concerns of people in the world.  The other interesting point is suggestions for what can be done now, what needs done now.  On a ZH thread today, I saw the beginning of dialogue between Muslims of a western bent of mind and the rational of the western world.

And look at Boiling Frog Post.  That is more of the same brand of investigative journalism and is also attracting knowledgable commenters. Both BFP and ConsortiumNews are keeping issues alive far after the time that MSM has dropped them, none can fail to be outraged, and thus their cumulative political impact continue to grow, our Status Quo and MSM lose our trust.

So we citizens are practicing the investigation of our world, deciding on alternative fixes, and negotiating solutions.  What governments are so bad at for the fundamental reason that failures in those processes fund them.

One of the large trends in the business world is known as ‘disintermediation’, meaning a direct peer-to-peer connection between parties to a transaction, e.g. borrower and lenders who compose the consortium making the loan, no need for a banker in the middle.  The connections between people and topics and lead investigators are being formed now, the web’s denizens will yet disintermediate our governments, a process of the evolution of government toward benign parasitism in the face of social and economic resistance to its incalulable waste of our lives and wealth.

Added later, the inevitable link I accidentally find that lends weight, substance and validity to my thesis that net denizens are both taking over government at all levels and very qualified to do so.

This is Bernie’s team on organizing with modern apps.  Explain why we need government?

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