Things That Continue Not To Work

Have you noticed how programs and agencies and ideas continue despite all of the evidence accumulated showing that they don’t work?  So many examples* :

For example, international economic sanctions against countries that are judged to have transgressed international norms of behavior. I have read dozens of papers showing they don’t work, and in fact have effects contrary to those intended, including fostering the ‘black market international trade’, normally started by mafias and then taken over, often by merging, by legitimate businesses.  For example, drug prohibitions caused much of the drug trade to be taken over by the US military and CIA and the money-laundering by our TBTF banks, in cooperation with mafias and warlords world-wide.

Another example is the various programs of assassination and other forms of more-or-less covert warfare, throughout the Cold War era, through the present. Chalmers Johnson ‘Blowback’ for that.

Another example is the minimum wage and other fixing of prices, e.g. unions, the Fed, tariffs and taxes and subsidies.  All of these are KNOWN, from literally 1000s of studies and examples, to produce the opposite in actual effect to their claimed intentions and to have bad effects on the entire economic system of a country, at least if the intention is to do good for minimum wage workers or people buying products, yet are perennials on the political landscape, now again.

Another example is the entire idea of double-blind clinical trials of medicines, equipment and treatment regimes as the gold standard for medical care.  These are ways of driving up the costs of producing new drugs, and thereby empowering major drug companies to raise prices as high as they would like.  The old approach was effectively ‘distributed trials’, in which drugs were proven in the lab and in animal studies, and then tried on patients with the most to gain ahd the least to lose, the most desperate.  As physicians gained confidence it didn’t kill people and seemed to help, the range of use in a hospital would widen, and eventually a medical study would be written up, published in the local medical journal, and then the next towns over would begin testing, etc.

That approach was slow for any individual drug, but resulted in very wide testing by many physicians and could be processing many more drugs simultaneously than now.

The current is a crony-capitalist semi-socialist scheme, with the usual effects of restricted supply, one-size-fits-all solutions, and very high prices.  Less-restrictive regimes than the FDA have many more drugs in every category, and much lower prices.

The modern technology of distributed information shared in open databases and social interactions validating thinking would completely replace the FDA, and be safer, as any physician could see a summary of the very latest total set of patients who have tried the drug, a standard far beyond FDA’s double-blind approach, which reliably produces stronger effects than subsequent, less self-interesting test.

How did NEJM respond when we tried to correct 20 misreported trials?

Gov funding of research.  Government is just another special interest, it is wrong to give it coercive power and the power to direct any activities not very clearly a core function.  Can’t think of any.

Consider whose economic and political interests are fostered by branding Islam as evil?

Laws against sin always produce corrupt systems, pleasures defined by some religions as sin can not be eliminated, it can only be made expensive enough to produce illegal supplies.  We are in the process of rolling back the drug laws, with entirely positive benefits so far. We have been ignoring enforcement of laws against prostitution, while keeping them on the books, as a means of holding up the middle man’s cut.

Ditto the laws against gun ownership.

Progress to an evidence-based civilization has been remarkably slow, especially since rulers learned the secrets of public relations and control of public attitudes.  Add to that NSA’s blackmail database with searchable indices and AI’s analysis of the patterns of your metadata.  That means the owner of that database, the one who controls access to it, can threaten you individually for your opinion if you have violated any of the very many laws against the sins you commit.

And you have, the laws guarantee it.  Laws that support the ‘power structure’ that give Jefferson city administrators, black and white, the tools they need to exploit the citizenry, to keep all of the layers of middlemen, police, bail bondsmen (so important for a judge’s election), jailers and defense attorneys employed, parasites on the body politic.  And it went on for many years after it was obvious it was bad for everyone involved, because the entire state of Missouri would have had to re-arrange its power structures and flows of revenue would be considerably diminished for some period.

The blackmail database constructed by NSA means that system power will continue to consolidate, in a series of mafia and proxy wars.  The ME is an initial skirmish in the Israeli-Neocon quest for domination of the world. NSA and the CIA have strongly favored Israel, and that Cabal has strong representation in the Pentagon’s bureaucracy, e.g. the people helping to hide the $2,300,000,000,000 that Rumsfeld admitted the Pentagon could not account for, the morning before 9/11 so unfortunately destroyed all of the computers and killed so many of the accountants who were tasked with looking into the problem. I guess nothing could be done, we have heard no more of that admission.

*I am intentionally not doing much to support this argument. For each point, it is easy to find the links to enough opinion you can make an intelligent judgement, I am lazy, and I shouldn’t accidentally lead you to my conclusions.  But I did anyway, a bit.

All of these very obvious aspects of our reality have been discussed forever, and they can’t change without dismantling the entire system that keeps them in place.  That is a huge set of bureaucracies in a corporation-government crony-capitalist context, mixed with Deep State use of force and the amazing corruption all that caused.

Lazy, I was tired of all of the posts nearly done.

*The warning you have come to expect.  This bit of warning about how easy it is to undermine your certainty about what is good begins with an example from my younger and more bachelor days.  This was in a different state and social milieu than I am now in. The girl was new to the world I introduced her to, and so was smitten, which I duly took advantage of in every way I was able to talk her into. As I always liked intelligent women and she was, that wasn’t many, but we had a lot of fun.  As part of our dating, I went back home with her, rural, to a family reunion, cookout of a wonderful ethnic American variety on a national holiday, and met the family.  Interesting people, no condescension here at all. Many brothers in a big family, stable marriages, educated and practical professions working in community colleges in adjacent states.  Father was an important man in the local business scene, ran a big set of specialty farming operations in a fast-changing regulatory environment and a couple of supporting businesses supplying fellow farmers.  Entirely legal, at least so far as anyone told me, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.  Good solid upwardly mobile middle class from the blue-collar business side of life.

Politics was interesting, very class-based thinking with more than a bit of extremism, I thought, but my gf explained it as though it was rational, preservation of traditional family values, thinking solidly based among their kind of people in that area of the country.

Far more informative was the fact that her father wasn’t home, and wasn’t expected until later in this big family get-together.  He was having the main holiday dinner at his girl-friend’s family’s get together, necessary to uphold their relationship of some years.

So later in the evening, Father, oldest son, wealthiest son, sort of he family patriarch now that their father had died, showed up back home to the big family gathering, grandmother and great uncles and the entire extended family were so pleased when he arrived with his girlfriend.  Who was much accepted as a member of the family, mother was friendly, so far as I could see and my gif related. This girl was into gossip, so believe me, I got it all related in detail, quite an interesting commentary on family and community dynamics and who was screwing who, and why, and how that was likely to turn out, given each of he participant’s amorous histories.  It was explained to me, in what seemed at the time to be traditional family values at work, preservation of the family and honesty as the easiest way of handling a standard social problem. She didn’t say “given that everyone who cares is going to know anyway”, I supply that thought now.

The daughter’s story was that Mama had decided she didn’t like sex. Everyone understood Daddy had to do something, hard working man with big drives, and girlfriend was acceptable to all as a family-preserving solution. The honesty part was them knowing all this and accepting the fact that human nature made compromises to social propriety necessary, and the more openly the easier for everyone. And of course they accepted all that, they saw human nature all around hem, and gossiped about it endlessly. (Honestly true, btw, I did not make a word of that up, could provide a lot of detail, but that might make them identifiable.)

Hard to know what to believe preserves traditional family values I find, except the political ideas were strongly coercive, and the social solution ideas very accepting of humans as biological beings, based on what must have been their common detailed understanding of the community’s actual behavior, “Oh, Kinsey thinks so too?”

I think the girlfriend got a financial benefit, and remember some discussion the family had taken to protect against a rich man being taken care of by a less-wealthy girlfriend.  Thinking about this, I vaguely remember a contract. GF was well-spoken and matched the father’s class of looks. It was not an obviously-exploitative relationship, in a section of the US that is traditionally very conservative in its attitudes, rather religious.  I believe these people were not religious, tho can’t remember details of why I do, can’t remember it coming up in conversations with the daughter, and that probably tells you about how much philosophy we discussed.

True. And easy to extract a bit of meaning from a lovely bit of our infinitely-complex social scenes, and for all I know, daughter was funning her naive boyfriend, didn’t want evidence when they killed their father and husband for the inheritance.  Naive engineer that I am, I noticed none of the signs.

Alternatively, I am someone who exploited the daughter as father was exploiting the girlfriend, she learned the wrong things from all the gossip, and this hides that reality from myself by generating such a lovely and misleading bit of propaganda disguised as slice of human reality.

And also one of the many warnings of my quest for world domination, which I want you to ignore. You do realize that in our Puritan-derived culture, confession is a great way of gaining trust?  So if I want people of some particular strong one-dimensional view to think I am a wonderful guy, someone they should give money and votes to, one good method is to confess to a terrible sin along that dimension, beg for forgiveness based on the great moral enlightenment study of their philosophy has provided, deep meaning in your soul and a greatly reformed life.  That is not a hard script to write, and I intentionally refrain here.

In fact, I did the reverse. See how good a propagandist that makes me? You don’t suspect a thing.

People who do this for a living make us think black is white, because children. Warnings make you overconfident.  Nobody saw WWII coming at them, the deep meaning in their lives.  The time to start the opposition was 1930, not 1939.  What year do you think it is?

I just did an extended “don’t trust me”, and yet no rational person would distrust me as compared to Donald Trump.  Can’t think what I conclude about that, yet, and some may disagree.  Wonder what the Vegas odds are for our different quests for world domination?
Typesetting problem in that first set of links. Can’t fix it now, not easy as it should be, not much of a clue, really. Nothing in the html, a pure rendering issue, simple variations don’t fix it.

And as usual, I immediately find a more prominent writer who agrees with me.  That would also be true if my ideas were stupid, of course.


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