First Corp’s First Psyop

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So, having decided that our 5th generation revolution needed leadership, and being a stout, make that stalwart, public-spirited citizen, I have appointed myself Generalissimo Strategic Planning, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops.*

So I was thinking about our first psyop, all of you who choose to play the psyop game with me, and I thought of a way we can determine our fate, or at least get to a position where we could do that: tell our current Status Quo leaders in the Republican and Democratic parties what they want to hear, encourage their stupidest inclinations.

So, what could undermine both parties the very most? Well, to steal the nomination from the most popular candidate, on behalf of just another minion more or less directly sucking from the public tit, entirely dependent upon MIC, Goldman Sachs, NSA AND continuing war to keep their necks out of ropes and heads on their shoulders, and their share of the kleptocracy’s revenue stream accumulating so long as they maintain the pose of leader in a contentious democracy.

At least that is true if Donald is as distrusted by Israeli-Neoconservatives as they claim, which I doubt.  That only matters if you both believe that voting for anyone could save our country from the ruin our kleptocrats have scheduled AND if you believe Trump is that person.  You are delusional on both grounds, imho, but any of us can be wrong.

Nevertheless, give me the premise that it is late in the historical cycle of ending eras to rescue the situation by reform.  The state, the leviathan source of huge money flows, cannot change, too many interests and people, already hurting from the failures cascading through the system, will be hurt too much far to fast for the country’s politics and economics to adjust.  The effects of ending all of that, of putting the country’s spending back in balance with a very unstable economy in a political environment that can’t cope with even normal problems, will be indistinguishable from revolution.  Reform for a kleptocracy that can disappear $2,300,000,000,000, produce no indication of whether that is the total or rather is as valid as all of the other government statistics, and have no discussion of the situation that has political effect, will require replacing most of Congress and the executive with reformers in the same election.  Otherwise, the example of Italy says you cannot eliminate mafias from your system.

So the goal must be arranging the changeover to happen with minimum loss of the nation’s wealth and ability to reconstitute itself, yet make transparency and honesty the norm so we can do so from a platform favorable to long-term continuation of our civilization’s development.

The standard way of changing political attitudes to support such a goal is to discredit major institutions, to blame them for the problems.  This works because the institutions in societies at the end of their era are always corrupt and so incapable of responding to such challenges, having lost the mandate of heaven.

Among the vulnerable institutions in the US are the major political parties.  Both Ds and Rs are in turmoil, as voters have rejected the candidates that were allowed through their selection process, instead favoring candidates who are not part of any major political block.  Now major factions in both parties very much want to nominate people of less public regard than the outsiders who are leading in opinion polls.  It is widely agreed that if the party insiders can over-ride public opinion, it will very much hurt their institution’s future.

Both major parties have ceased to work for fly-over country’s interests, ending them would be good in any era.

So, let’s help.  This is easy.  Start calling everyone you know or can find in both parties. Pretend to be a party stalwart, and to be very concerned about the possibility of a President Trump or President Sanders.  “Anybody but them” message.  Telling them what they want to hear encourages their dissociation from reality.

When the RNC rejects Trump, or makes him VP (a permanent humiliation, and this meme very likely will end any possibility of that compromise, see, we have already started) it greatly improves the possibility of a 3rd Party.  Ditto DNC rejects Sanders or makes him VP (ditto permanent humiliation, reduced to Biden’s status).

So we have big levers on major blocks of power.  The Israeli-Neocons most fear losing power, we want to increase their fear of Trump.  It seems to me that President Trump will need scapegoats to blame as everything goes south, Israeli-Neocons are an obvious target.  Trump knows there are bodies buried everywhere, finding scapegoats will be as easy as finding supporting opinions on the internet.

So bloggers, start thinking about who and what the lessons in prosecution of each major culprits might be.  The problem, of course, will be limiting the investigation if he is not to take out the entire Cabal, including half of the Pentagon, half the State Department, and 90% of the CIA and NSA.  $2.3T has tendrils, I bet.  For this arm of the psyops campaign, we need to beat the “9/11 FF, $2.3T and Sandy Hoaxen mean very deep corruption” drums.

For the End The Parties campaign, more conventional opinions will suffice. Call everyone in Congress, easy to keep a spreadsheet.  You can easily use Google and maps to find a zip code in the critter’s district and claim to be from that zip code.  Call and tell them “Anybody But X”, that, while you have been a volunteer campaign worker and made big contributions of funds to the party, your even voting depends upon that being achieved.

Congress critters are very sensitive to public opinion, they keep track of this stuff, and tell their patrons, the money people and party insiders.  So a few hundred people calling opinions to them, and county chairman, … can have a major effect.  Oh yes, be very cooperative with pollsters, lie like a rug.

Helping them destroy themselves is a proper goal for end-of-era psyops against major institutions.  We have a large list to go through, ideas are welcome.

OK, First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp, begin operations.  Don’t hurt people, and have fun. Let us know about progress, and what works for you.


*The usual warning that you don’t pay attention to, I don’t know why I bother.

Impressive titles get respect, I reasoned. Generalissimo because I have delusions of grandeur, ‘Strategic Planning’ because lots of titles have mere planning, I am far beyond that, ‘Intelligence’ for the general aire of omniscience the term gives the role, to which ‘Analysis’ adds great lustre, and Psyops because, hey, I blog. Natural role.  Note the careful reasoning of the mentally deranged, and judge accordingly.

Most great leaders have equivalently over-stated views of their capabilities. End of era leaders normally underestimate their opposition, hang around and watch.

Besides which, this is 5th Gen strategy and tactics in psyops.  I am as qualified in this new area as anyone to be Generalissimo Strategic Planning, etc.  That is to say, not at all, and anyone who follows any of my advice wrt strategy and tactics must assume responsibility for that action, you can’t blame it on me.  Such is the nature of 5th Gen warfare, the first ethical war, one of entirely voluntary actions with care not to hurt people.

Have to work on a good motto, cleverly gently martial in spirit. Later.  re-reading this, that is the motto. “Cleverly gently martial in spirit”.  A warrior in the modern era could be proud to march behind that banner.

BTW : have you noticed that the mere existence of such a psyop idea must make everyone begin suspecting the data?  Send this around, the more people who know about it, the more the data will be suspected and the more untethered from reality our oligarchs and political class will be.

Shooting down our own trial balloons, e.g. “VP is a permanent humiliation for someone of their stature” as a way of foreclosing options is lovely, but probably I haven’t noticed how that is a standard tactic.

Also, talk up the idea of psyops, even if you aren’t.  The more people think that their info is being muddied, the more they depend on their own evaluations.  So increasing the number of calls “Anybody but X” at the same time as you make them doubt the data overall, multiplies your effect : when you most doubt, the smallest trends have a larger effect.

Grand Strategy.

Rereading this later, I find it to be very good propaganda, entertainly subversive at multiple levels of both reader and the system.  Are you people paying attention?

Added later : as usual, I find support for my ideas everywhere.  This is Gary North’s psyop.


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