Thinking About Distributions

I was idly thinking about distributions and my standard example to my son was beauty and brains, how rare it was to find a woman so intelligent and so beautiful as your mother.* The reasoning is that rare in both dimensions is more rare than in only one.

Anyway, I had been thinking about the adult film industry, and that association reminded me how ugly many of the early male performers had been, mostly not so beautiful even now. So that was another relative rarity in pairs of independent distribution, just like the beauty-brain example, 2 different endowments.

Have you noticed that the black adult male performers are far better looking, on average, than the white adult male performers?

Wonder why that is?

*Shameless propaganda, did you notice that? That is the kind of warm fuzzy kitten pictures are used for, to induce a softness of mind, a tendency to agree because the other person is a good person. Which I am, of course. Just ask my wife.

Is there a Pulitizer equivalent to the IgNobel?  I already have a lock on one of the next Iggies.

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