Donald Trump : We Are Being Played

Google ‘CIA and Murdoch’ and select a source from among the 100s that you trust.  E.g. this came up first for me.

Roy Cohn, Roger Stone and Trump were close associates in various activities over the years.

Roger Stone and Jeb Magruder were associated with Nixonian dirty tricks in the Watergate era.  Those were continuing symptoms of the ‘deep state’ that killed JFK*, at least in this era. He has continued those tactics, apparently a good career.  He writes books and runs a PR agency, standard cover for such activities. If Roger Stone is a Libertarian, I don’t know the meaning of that word.

FOX is a major propaganda source for 9/11 Propaganda.  When you watch that video, note the very skillful way they laugh inappropriately, waste time, enhance their own ‘rationality’ as questioners at the same time they dump on Ventura’s version of questions.**  The tenor of the interview is as light and fluffy as the can make it , it is clearly not meant to move Ventura’s concerns into viewer’s mind.

FOX is a major supporter of Donald Trump.  In fact, just judging from airtime, they all are.

Donald Trump deliberately obscures the 9/11 story and this which is more of this aspect of the coverup.


Added later : “Donald Trump, unsurprisingly, is the most-covered candidate in the race. In fact, he alone has gotten more airtime (234 minutes) than the entire Democratic field (226 minutes)” [WaPo].

and yet later, this is a comment on ZH.  Sorry for the dup, but too good to forget, to deny myself the pleasure of re-reading often :

We have this thing called an Internet.  Lets people exchange messages. Real-time video, like those old videophones in the scifi.

IMHO, any candidate dumb enough to campaign in the world that is today, is too dumb to be voted for dogcatcher.

Guys, this one isn’t going to be solved INSIDE THE SYSTEM. If it is not going to be solved inside the system, why are we staying in their box?

The political system is completely, 100% broken, it will never solve anything.  The only question is how much blood when we do, and I vote for ‘none’.  We don’t get ‘none’ voting for Ds or Rs, the Israeli-Neocons control both, just look at Congress.  How many speak out against the wars?  How many speak out against the national surveillance state? How many want to cut social spending so they can increase the defense budget?

The path we are on leads to wars. We have to get off.  This election is a good stopping point, let’s figure out how to do it.  The standard scenario has a popular leader who is denied the election. We need to create the popular leader for them to deny the election.

And, just thinking about this situation : Suppose you were running security for a billionaire, vetting Presidential candidates. Everyone interested in politics at that level buys all of the available information.  If any of it was negative to their interests, you would be hearing it by now. Instead, he is on national TV in prime time, all the time.  Ratings are great.

Ratings were good with Ron Paul, I thought, they certainly didn’t try to make him out to be popular, the GOP stole the election from him and nobody in MSM cared.

Donald Trump may think himself his own man, but if so, we are all fooled.

and later

The man is a crisis actor for the GOP, so far as I can tell.

This very good response to Trump and Carson’s claims of “Dancing Muslims”. There are some serious people digging into this, that young man speaks in full and coherent paragraphs.  Wish I was that smart.

and my latest conclusion : A rational and careful security adviser would err on the side of caution when selecting leaders of organization, and weigh the scale more as the power of the leader increases.  When you give someone the power to destroy you and yours, intentionally or not, you ought to be really, really careful.  Anyone tainted with Deep State is surely too dangerous to give that power.

So any candidate who is not very, very transparent about their background is completely ineligible. Do you trust Donald Trump to have told you enough about himself to hand the Presidency?

*Very probably also RFK and MLK, tho I haven’t studied those enough to KNOW the way it is easy to know for JFK.

**I can’t watch anything on TV, so bad for my BP, the lies and/or spin in every other sentence. I rarely watch anything out of Hollywood for the same reason, I normally see several ‘you can’t expect me to believe that’ things in the first 5 minutes of every film.

That aversion to video kept me away from 9/11 too long.

Added later : American Conservative agrees with me, more detailed thinking on the players.  Remember how easy confirmation is to find on the internet, keep skeptical.

Added later : This shows Trump either playing the political pros, or the voters. Manford reassures the party insiders that Trump is playing a part and understands that, that he is not against the RNC or their interests. The highest level of cynicism. Tarpley doesn’t think Trump is that flexible, has that depth of personality and mind. I agree.

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