For World Peace, Arm Your Neighbors

This includes the thought :

“I don’t think this is a clash of civilisations. I see it as a clash of a couple of thousand jihadis with a great city. The problem — as we saw in former Yugoslavia, or in Lebanon — is that it only takes a few men with guns to make a place unlivable.”

One of the most important bits of preparation a family can do as the hard times advance toward us is to ensure a peaceful environment, one that can withstand a higher-than-normal number of bad guys for a longer period of time without systemic damage.

That is just one of the black swans that happen to communities and guide your future toward division and social chaos.  Avoiding that kind of thing is relatively easy, standard QA theory, standard preventative maintenance thinking, standard finding a way of hedging a risk. An aspect of prepping.

Obviously, there are levels and levels of such numbers and periods of time, but every one begins with everyone capable effectively armed.  That is the first goal, get all of your neighbors armed and capable of firing aimed shots.  They can learn that at the range, and are a lot more likely to go shooting if you ask them along.

That is building community and bonds of trust, vital in keeping your future out of chaos.

So invite a neighbor to the range next weekend, it is a fun bit of community building and buys insurance for your family.

Don’t allow your community to be a gun-free safety zone.

As the chaos our leaders have foisted upon us unfolds, we are likely to be left without positive benefits of ‘police protection’ and ‘civil justice’.  The total set of skills in a town are very likely a superset of those available to first responders, they just need to organize and coordinate.  We have an internet for that, which we will use to replace our failing government.

Organizing first-aid training, lists of phone numbers and email addresses, skills, … would be good to handle various classes of black swans. Neighbors being aware of each other is always good.

Don’t allow your community to be a coordination-free victim zone.

When we are able to protect our neighbors and they protect us, we have a new level of trust, resilience to insult from outside, to efforts to divide and conquer by political forces. As we scale our coordination from neighborhood through town and city and state and nation, we reduce our need of police and armies.

If we don’t have police and armies, we can’t have oppression and war.

For World Peace, Arm Your Neighbors.

Added much later, an actual example of that, worthy of your support and emulation.



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