We’re Still Going To Be Here

To our rulers :

Have you considered what you are going to do when the worth of an SS check or pension check is less than the price of a loaf of bread?  “Never happen!” you say?

On the contrary, it always happens.

That is what is so very frustrating about the progression we are on, it is a path so well-trod in history, and it is expensive in suffering people and lost opportunities for civilization’s advance. Who can doubt the system is failing?

There are too many people on all sides sowing hatred and discord. There are profoundly good and wise reasons to not do anything that could increase discord and hatred! How can that not be clear?

In an interconnected world, every bit of chaos caused by anything will cause odd ripples in different places and intensities, but so many effects that costs rise and life gradually degrades because things become too expensive, taxes too heavy, the price of a meal too high, the value of human labor relative to life’s necessities too low.

The combined effect of the governments of nation-states has produced a world-wide social-political-economic system apparently not capable of solving problems at any scale, and the price of everything is rising at the same time that the economy is failing badly.

As just one example, do you really believe we could not solve the world’s fisheries problems, if nation-states were not in the way?  There are spy satellites with cameras to tell us where every single ship is at any hour of the day.  Honest ships would be reporting their catches at every hour of the day, and those would be inspected by completely-independent corps of professional inspectors, or some such, it will fall out of the market.  The alternative would be fleets machine-gunning each other as they wipe out the last schools of tuna, and all are smart enough to decide to manage the fisheries.  Consumers will cooperate, as the price of fish may well decline because a well-managed system would reduce operations costs per ton of fish. Honest fisherman would approve of radical environmentalists attacking whalers, given a rational system to be honest within.

That will happen eventually, it is an obvious and easy optimization with all interests easily identifiable and monitorable and agreements could be net-positive for all.  Not soon, as our governments are in the way, they have to crash first.

Ditto with all of the other problems in our world, get the GD governments out of the way, we can solve the problems. The governments and their militaries guarantee that problems cannot be solved short of arms, and the extra levels of negotiation and use of every issue to increase political power means that problems like international fisheries are never dealt with effectively.

We are in the midst of another round of monumental ruling-class screwups, our systems are crashing, we have no idea what problems will arise as a result, the government organizations meant to deal with crises is a large part of the cause of the new crisis, as always.

That is the cycle of history : Stupid rulers, dumb decisions, failures, crashes and replacements of ruling class, recovery and proceeding to new rulers being stupid, …

Your history books may have noticed how often changes of political direction come along with a change of class structure.  The mechanism of that is that the lower-classes are most outside ‘the system’, are the guys the system is grinding down.  Often at these historical turns, the most revolutionary elements are the class that just came in sight of a decent life and again their children starve.

People who are tied into the Status Quo are inhibited from acting, as reason and their long-term interests would dictate, to replace the rulers in advance of the last collapse. Not supported by the Status Quo, the the new political player’s actions are involuntary, driven by necessity and outrage, the result of no other choices.  Thus, peasant rebellion is rarely a clean solution, although it often leaves a lot of ruling class property open for the taking.

“Bad weather” has been a popular excuse for economic statistics.  That will soon be the kind of excuse we get for our failing economic, political and social systems.  And will be very correct, as systems ‘on the edge’ are exposed to unknown risks and unexpectedly high rates of failure, for example.

At some point, we peasants will still be here, and our children will be starving, and you ruling elite minions will tell us that it isn’t your fault that it isn’t raining enough, yet we note that your lawns are green.  Green lawns all through the west adjacent to parched farms is the norm in 2015, did you notice?  Real people were really hurt with those decisions.  Think patriots are going to lack for help in cleaning house?

That is why revolutions go off the rails so often.  People with more vengeance on their mind than produces good outcomes temporarily have the power.

As the alternative, I could support an extreme Constitutionalist who said it was time to end this dangerous government.  They would need a good group of advisors, people we could depend on to give a straight story, real human rights records.  That “upright and responsible people support this” political position is the only such position, and also the one with the largest base of understanding and support of the solid people in this country.

Rulers : Whatever the state of the world on the other side of the end of this era, we ordinary folks are still going to be here, we are still going to have children that have to be fed, and you will have to deal with us as you have through history.  This time, relative to our rulers, we ordinary people are far better armed and our society has far more power easily directed toward hurting elites than ever in history. Our society is far more complex than ever in history, and we ordinary people manage all of it.

We don’t need you as much as you need us.  You have no power we do not allow you to have.

But you rulers are not accommodating your appetite for power to this reality and our opposition to your goals.  Armed strife will make us all very poor before the issues are resolved.

I conclude that our country’s progress now needs a political party that does nothing but support the Constitution and a replacement of this broken set of institutions with something completely different, USA 2.0.  A complete reboot. Abandon the failed system, let it sort itself out, the new system begins again agnostic of the past.  We need to ensure that no member of the previous system is allowed anywhere near it.

Our various rulers among the various interests had better get strongly behind the idea, that is the last thing between them and pitchforks. The current system is not reformable and is failing rapidly and is a danger to the world.

We ordinary people and our pitchforks are a constant in history. It is always later than the ruling classes think. The future always arrives unexpectedly.

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