Cultural Evolution In Overdrive

Warning: My son thinks the 2nd down is not very good music, tho he thought the video a credible effort.  His ear is better than mine, pretty close to perfect in fact, and he also listens to rap sometimes, so you might like this first better than the next.  But the cool thing about the internet is, you don’t have to choose.

The significant thing is not that these exist, but that they are so easy to find.  Genuinely good and genuinely mild to wild combinations. The truly amazing thing is that they are contemporaneous, and we know it.

Don’t forget ‘it is good’ is not the same as ‘you will like it’.  Not even the same as ‘you should like it’, although I recommend you appreciate all these, they have their appreciable points.

These aren’t new to me. VMBhatt is awesome, and the combinations he does with Americans of different musical specialties are every one very good.

And one last, just to bring you back to American earth.

I could do this forever, it is fun to find new stuff.

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