Lebowski Enlightenment #A

About the #A*

The thought that allowed me to use that clever ‘insert twist into your thinking’ meme was that the basis of our civilization has pretty much failed. Nation-states have proven to be seriously failure-prone, and to fail in cascades of failure and evil.

Professional armies are too gd dangerous to humanity to be allowed to exist, that is the disarmament that needs to happen.  If they didn’t have professional armies, none of the bastards driving social discord could continue to do so. To be very clear, the settler movement in Israel is a campaign that relies on military conquest. Do not mistake this understanding for overlooking the many evils all sides do, and whose power started this particular cascade of retribution.

If my understanding is correct, people are in the process of moving their understandings up a level or two.  I think the reaction of many Germans to the Syrian invaders was wise and understandable from more than a few viewpoints. I think the various behaviors of the refugees bad to reprehensible, and have no idea how the statistics compare to other stressed, mostly-male populations. My filter still says ‘normal human, Arab crimes’.  No question Arabs are different and they are going to have to do some serious adjusting.

My other filter says “Civilization? Do you not realize how badly you have screwed up?”  That is more and more the level of peer-to-peer conversation.  No doubt the kind of people that I like making comments on topics that I like attracts my comments, so maybe we are invisible to them.  But doesn’t the fact that they have to lie about everything, so very obviously, they don’t even bother to provide backup of any kind any more**, mean anything to their dim little Status Quo minds?

And minds have been changed pretty fast in the area of gun control, drug laws, 9/11, and grasp of the amount of propaganda that assails us, masquerading as ‘news’.  The media are part of the masquerade, can easily move between writing press releases and writing ‘news articles’ from them.

Easy to see patterns and trends, once someone points them out, and this is a favorite propaganda technique.  Remember the ‘trend of death of police’ in the age of lax sentencing?  Right before it was clear that the legislation was going to clear Congress and be signed, as the police state couldn’t afford the cost of all those jail cells, so this happened. And then the FBI issued the definitive study ending the idea that there was a trend upward in police deaths.

Are you being critical enough?  Did you buy that trend? Did it colour your mind, make you answer a poll differently?

Do notice the discord I have undoubtedly induced in your own mind. your concern for your family elicited by the nugget of meaning in ‘levels of screwed up’ and associated with the thought of the many headlines you had seen, the police unions claiming it and police officials weakly denying it (their budgets too) by disclaiming supporting evidence?  Do you put up with that kind of leading question in your other propaganda?

The obvious back story is the police unions fought tooth and nail in committee and MSM to save the $1.2B and the levels of sentencing needed to justify that, pulled in a lot of favors getting editors and such to take their claims of ‘trend’ seriously, and police chiefs everywhere are happy to respond to any idiocy that comes along.  Also, lots of places have lots of slow news days. But do note the complete lack of any connection, anywhere, between these various events and the ‘nobody is guilty’ stories all written from the same press release, no news organization noticed anything.  Shocked to be so played, positively shocked.

Lots of standard narrative stories, all supporting the frame of a hard working government working through the evidence, adjusting public policy as evidence accumulates, all policy changes as our understanding of reality changes.  Stuff that makes you feel good, hope for a better future, brought to you by selfless public servants. Only anti-government cynics would see it as the dance of the kleptocracy in a world of changing attitudes, increasingly lost to the government, increasingly opposing government.

Propaganda only opposed by even more insidious memes such as you routinely find in internet sites like this.  Evidence that the failure rate of projects associated with government are very high, except for the signal accomplishment of controlling their population’s political attitudes and translation of those attitudes into positions on issues, successfully running the largest Ponzi and kleptocracy in history, soothsayers as experts everywhere. Anyone who follows a bit of intellectual history in modern times surely laughs at speed at which some of those mapping changed.  Contemplating that point, I believe we should begin considering ‘ideology’ the same as ‘hopeless failure, tho it will be fun watching, what do the futures markets say?’ and turn our attention to some reality.  People with ideology are not good for people, not even themselves, and we should be preaching that, did you read the bit about the lack of anti-ISIS PR?

Do be serious about your thinking.  See how very much more effective my insidious thoughts are at working their parasitic way into your so-laxly-filtered mind, you almost deserve the dissing I am giving you.  Remember, there are many layers of propaganda, and our intelligence agencies, e.g. the CIA, spend large proportions of their budgets, 30% in the case of the CIA’s $Bs. Those guys are the enemy, not simple little old me web site driver.

*Yes, about the ‘#A’.  If you are a programmer, natural if a bit unexpected as the next digit in the hexadecimal sequence after ‘9’.  Hobo sign for programmers.  If I jolted you, or left you accepting, more acceptance for the strange message following.  You are so mentally pwned. Meta-pwned, in fact.

**Not since Victoria Neuland in the Ukraine. It is not just an an activist foreign policy for ME Homeland reasons, this has been modified by major economic interests.  Oligarchs and neocons and deep state merged there in the open, remember?

When is the last time you heard something from a person in public life that you thought was completely open, honest, nothing held back from the first utterance.  Did you think so about the Richard Clarke interviews?  I found them very convincing.

One other thought.  I believe it is important to think about what the US is not claiming in the MH17 incident.  The things it is not claiming are ones for which it has evidence, and would be forced to divulge it, or Russia does, and would also be forced to divulge it.  Meanwhile, so long as that would be a potent force in US politics, and the CIA and Obama and Hilary certainly agree that it is, Russia gets to do pretty much what it wants. I bet we aren’t going to be sending many more TOW missiles in there, there are just too many ways for such things to go wrong.

Neocons are losing in reality, more slowly in the court of public opinion, but they are dragging the entire status quo down with them.  I predict the Status Quo is going to abandon them soon.  Just about the time the budget forces a choice between domestic butter and international guns and especially F-35s. Another reason to oppose any change in the debt limit.

Added later.  Evidence that Republicans are abandoning neocons. Actually, I think it is Salon over-interpreting Will, but stand by my prediction that Neocons are going to be abandoned because the military budget must be cut first.  The neocons are trying hard to cut SS and other big social programs first, but they will largely lose that fight without real external enemies.  If Putin is cool and we do no false flag, our neocons will lose a great deal of power.  Implications of that are another false flag, by recent evidence from the US and Western Europe.

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