World Culture Evolving

European culture is an organizing force for the entire world.  Canon Rock is a recent example.  It is an electric guitar variation of Pachebel’s Canon in D.  That made the first player who posted his performance on Youtube an international star, and it rapidly became the piece that all young guitarists proved their skill with, the level of performance is very high.

This is the first famous version, 11M views on Youtube :

Now there are 9 year-olds playing :

So Youtube has raised the bar for performances around the world.

JerryC, a Taiwanese, composed the original version.  “FunTwo”, a Korean, recorded the version that became famous.  There are now 295,000 links on Youtube from everywhere in the world.  The arrangement was done in 2005, has taken 10 years to be known everywhere and is a permanent part of the world’s culture.

Every major group has done a cover, most have >1M views :

So that song has been heard at least 300M times from Youtube, as the early amateurs have posts of >20M each and there are a good number of >1M links.  It is widely played in high school bands, high school bands of all kinds.

This is happening entirely peer to peer, from the periphery, there are no record companies involved.  Google has connected everyone in the world, provided a way of making $ with their talents, and it’s ranking algorithms bring our judgments of the best material in every category to the top, quickly.  The world’s culture will evolve ever-faster with better technology.

All cultures are organizing forces for the rest.  With different examples, I could find an element of every country’s culture that has become equally well-known.  The world is a multi-cultural place, always has been.  Now anyone who pays attention knows that by so many examples from their daily lives.

2 thoughts on “World Culture Evolving

  1. You shoulda mentioned pandora. You can plug in any song, artist or genra, and the sound is better. There are more “radio channels” like pandora. All of them help spread ethnic joy world wide.


    1. I never used it, will immediately learn how. Youtube has been my playlists to now, some of those are OK, hit or miss and fast changes so it is always that.

      Problem is I need to set up an account, login. So do I spread personal pref info all over the net, or confine it to Google? Otoh, if they have more well-oiled sisters, it might be worth it


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