Exporting MultiCulturalism

Search for Orange Blossom Special on Youtube, it is international.

We like that kind of cultural influence.  If they hate us, it can’t be for the music.

Also, look at how we set up the flows of $, the rake-off mechanism.  American prestige makes it known, they like some American music, so they start playing it.  Where civilized, we collect copyright fees.  Then their bands produce unique versions, needed because otherwise it wouldn’t particularly appeal in the US, they would consequently NOT receive any income from views on Google.  So a constant flow of variations of our music will be presented to the world’s ears, always fresh.

Google, of course, is the world-wide network that sees all that can be inferred about everyone from their online behavior, true and untrue, and sells that information by way of ads.  Google hones its algorithms of inference by what pages and ads individuals click on, as checked by tell-tales left on their computer.  And everyone is grateful for all the free content, coming from the hopefuls of the world who would like a cut of the $ flows.

Accident or far-sighted plan, we have them eating out of our cultural, legal and technological hand.  We own a significant part of the world’s minds.  So what do we want to go bomb our customers for?  The NSA/CIA/military approach to domination hasn’t worked worth a damn, lets go back to the overwhelming combined-arms cultural attack.  Make them love western culture, we own their markets.  Copyright and ad sales of their own data and creativity, genius.  Trade treaties that impose all that and financialization on entire nations, beyond genius, that required the finest minds of generations.

America won cultural, legal and economy hegemony a long time ago.  No other culture could stand up to our hillbillies, blacks and Jews.

Do you notice a pattern there?  You know, bottom of the totem people always turn out to have talents of some kind, maybe many.  Another ordinary people having to prove themselves by extra hard work, the practice that makes for outstanding performers.

It is a good thing that America has been pretty shitty to a few minorities.  Next generation of culture, we’re going to need our blacks and Muslims and Mexicans.

Good versions from the first 20 pages of the Youtube search, emphasis on good foreign versions from everywhere:

Maximal essence with minimal overlap of notes :

This isn’t foreign in any way, just awesome :

Nothing to do with anything, just awesome :

This girl is 14  :

Another irrelevant, I could not resist :

Religions ride on our culture’s premier pieces of music :

Governments should :

Cultural motifs combine :

With a German lilt :

Not OBS, but bluegrass, sort of.

I listened to every minute of all of these and a lot more.  It is fortunate you can’t OD on OBS.

Realized I didn’t have this, key cultural artifact from America :

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