Ashley Madison Is A Fine Example

My wife just asked me what Ashely Madison was all about.  As I explained it to her, it became clear how very clever it must have been.  “No women members” or pretty close, you hear.  So, reading between those lines, it means that Ashley Madison was automated to send women’s profiles past the men, perhaps a bit of interest, nothing definite.  They must have paid some women to construct identities from sources of pictures and fantasy, I could have written scripts to manage the email exchanges and matching specifications.  Low overhead, high return on the investment, low cost of publicity, commentators and bloggers are properly scandalized and talk about it.

And so none of the guys have any luck finding anyone, go on paying $14.95 a month forever.  There is no social learning because they are all cheating, they can’t share information and understand it is a scam.  The scammers were better criminals than our elites, who were scammed.

The hackers did them such a favor, they could instead have told them how they were being fooled, and gone on telling them month after month that, really and truly, it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.  But nobody would have learned anything from that.

Makes my Bunny Bangers look virtuous, I am so envious.  It is hard to be cynical enough without a genuinely criminal mind.

Admit it, you admire that thought but could never have had it yourself.  Me neither.  Our politicians have such a head start.

So what does it tell us about Americans, this example of how very easily a dishonest class of people fall for such an obvious scam, one that would have been so quickly obvious to honest people?  I think that, from fire and brimstone preacher to girls-college primster, we disparage that behavior.  You do not lie to your partner in life and share my ethics, my restriction to positive-sum games.  You can make many choices of style of life within positive-sum and nevertheless be one of us, part of our superior culture.  But negative-sum games is dumb.  We don’t play dumb.

I think Ashley Madison is thought to be wrong because it involved sex.  Not at all, it is wrong because it involved dishonesty.

Nobody associates Ashley Madison members with a superior culture.

Perhaps sophisticated in their corners of knowledge, but wide open to anyone of criminal mind.  The dishonest people of our culture are amateurs in the cons of life, those are the dominant minds of our culture.  Easy meat, but already taken by our oligarch rulers.  Ashley Madison members were bought out long ago, their ethics corroded by their Status Quo.

But things will get a lot more corrupt than this.  Our oligarchs have $Trillions yet to steal, and our Status Quo minions still hope for their retirements, their savings, their second home in the Hamptoms.  Where there is only hope, men are prone to fantasy, more will be plucked.

Added later : this says scripts fooled all those men.  Obvious to the average techie, or honest man. And this yet later. And yet later this.


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