Who graded that paper?

At what appears to be a crisis point in our world’s economic history, and therefore a failure of the governments that have so long and hard supported very stupid policies, our Pentagon and the State Department’s neocon contingent have decided that world domination is an achievable goal and that organizing a coup in the Ukraine using neoNazi forces in false flag assassinations of civilians and police was acceptable tactics.

Who graded that paper?  Did anyone see the thinking that lead to that conclusion?  Or even an intelligent justification afterwards?

It continues, right out in the open.  General Breedlove goes on accusing Russia of invading the Ukraine and moves troops and new weapons toward the Russian border.  WTF?  This is not a high school stage, these are real soldiers going towards real borders, and some people might lack our General’s sense of melodrama.  But our troops are well trained, so surely nothing can go wrong.

When you choose anything, you are not just choosing that thing, you are choosing consequences of that thing and the next thing and the one after that.  People behave in certain ways, the same certain ways over millenia.  It just can’t surprise you when a culture of crime grows as a direct result of making prostitution illegal.  It just can’t surprise you when ditto for drugs of every kind, nor when officialdom is corrupted by flows of money derived from sex and drugs.

And it just can’t surprise you when your professional military and security services begin assuming a larger importance on the national stage than strictly warranted by their budget.  Military fill the security, police and fire forces at all levels and many civilian positions at all levels.  In 2015 here in the US of A, we have generals in many roles, from news through diplomacy and negotiating peace deals,  Most of the world is under the command area of a 4-star general.  The US of A has the two most powerful air forces and all of the most expensive-in-their-class weapons.

Generals decide what wars are, and who the wars are against.  They know the enemy, you see.

This, of course, at the same time as the military has stopped winning or ending wars.  Mission creep, they turned out to be so instrumental in starting new ones and continuing the old, exactly what some of our country’s investors needed.

So I understand who graded their paper.  Wasn’t me. I do not know anyone whose interests are being served by US foreign policy.  Do you?

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