Operation Soft Samson : MGCU Rules


By the 2012 election, few people in government were directly coercible, as people that kinky or blatantly criminal were too vulnerable to be trusted with power or influence.

MGCU rules coordinated its members by regulating the market that exchanged social status, power and influence, and money. As with any serious game, the rules were minimal. They did did not specify how to trade favors, how to be market makers and money changers in the very complex games they played in social, political and economic arenas. ‘How’ was left open to ingenuity. Instead, the rules specified ‘what’ was legitimate and what was not. Standing on principle was definitely not legitimate, as that had often prevented ‘progress’. That was what MSM called ‘gridlock’, and Congressional or bureaucratic, could not be allowed in a functioning kleptocracy.

By the rules, all players were persuadable on every point of contention by some combination of immediate and future rewards. Standard deals included promises of future support for for the newest players, immediate support in campaigns and bids for higher offices for mid-career, and bundles of cash for the wise men of the party, delivered via their designated bagman-laundry.

‘Support’ covered a multitude of sins. Hollywood actors could gain political merit by adding their fame to campaigns and fund-raising dinners. The rich, attending those events, could get introductions to Hollywood or New York stage circles, raising their social standing back at the country club. Aspiring political players met future patrons, and the most beautiful or handsome filtered back into primary entertainment, as politics is a stage for ugly people.

In the NSA-enabled MGC game, stacks of letters from outraged constituents and petitions with 100s of 1000s of signatures were valuable powers used to extract more compensation in return for votes against those constituents’ interests. Players who valued those too highly, who delayed kleptocracy projects too long, often found child pornography on their smart phones, NSA’s subtle way of reminding them of MGCU rules.

NSA’s services produced, as an emergent property, the first large-scale conspiracies. Responding to hacker’s ability to break into most .gov and other computers, NSA had provided secure email and chat rooms for members of the elite. Thought to be un-hackable, these allowed very open discussions of all issues, by any interested parties. The ‘interested parties’ were all vetted, authorized and authenticated by NSA. NSA’s blackmail database also assisted by connecting people with similar values, or at least who had committed similar crimes, to work on particular kleptocracy projects.

Further, NSA’s software used to track the activities of suspected terrorists and correlate their actions with those of other suspects turned out to be ideal for tracking the promises made in those discussions. The software that tallied actions and calculated scores of individual commitment in political action, crime or terrorism was perfect for measuring commitment to kleptocracy’s projects. This solved the problem of scaling trust, at least after the CIA rendered and re-educated those initial few who let their scores fall too low.

The world-wide reach of NSA’s database immediately scaled to a world-wide, highly-effective and -efficient kleptocracy, the first world-scale conspiracy fact. Minor US players suddenly had international reach.

Oligarchy has its own dynamic, ever-more consolidation of money and power. That evolution to a new New World Order resulted in the large-scale disputes among the oligarchs. Wars, actually, entire nation states attacking other nation states at the behest of their dominant oligarchs. Butler’s “War is a Racket” became a best seller at Tea Party, patriot meetings and gun shows. As those disputes reduced cash flows for the kleptocracy, the Deep State stepped in to resolve them. Heads of intelligence services visiting war zones revealed its existence in un-mistakable terms.

The subsequent political stasis and ever-larger thefts by the kleptocracy led to the III% militia’s development of the Soft Sampson Option, the next innovation in 5th generation warfare.

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