Operation Soft Samson

Actually, sorry to say, the world did not live happily ever after the 2016 peaceful acceptance by the President of the III% demand that the Federal Government put itself back inside the Constitution.

This describes the US counter-revolution of 2019 and the citizen’s development and implementation of the next innovation in 5th generation warfare, Operation Soft Samson. WWII, Hugh Hefner and IBM were the largest direct influences in this process.

Executive Summary

The systems within which we live, which we all depend upon for life, are very vulnerable.

The III% Militia used 5th generation warfare to demonstrate the power to Samson the systems, Afghanistan 1000X.

The 1% backed away from repression as a solution, universal extreme poverty with seriously pissed neighbors being worse than losing power.

The President and all 2016 presidential candidates pledged to restore Constitutional government.

This process engaged the entire population in rethinking government and ideals of civilization.

Translating the real-world power to FUBAR the systems we live within into Gov2.0 requires politics.

Politics is war by other means.

Politics requires politicians.

War is hell.

Politics is hell with a lot of sex. (Why did you think they would do that?)

The Situation in 2014

By the elections of 2014, trends in many aspects of US life were down, including life expectancy. Health care and medicines were too expensive for retirees whose SS benefits were being inflated away. A higher proportion of citizens depended on government assistance, were in jails, were out of work, were homeless than ever in any nation’s history.

MSM had managed to miss or mis-represent the existence and/or import of nearly everything :

the wide-spread realization that major functions of government no longer worked

the F-35

the bankster-kleptocracy

the complete dissociation of stock and bond markets from the underlying economy

high unemployment

the rigged markets

the high prices and lousy products and services by immensely-profitable crony capitalist effective-monopolies

the nation’s frenzy of gun and ammunition buying, both citizens and government

the number of innocents jailed and executed

the prison industry

the militarization of police and their transformation into the biggest gang in America

the loss of legitimacy of government at all levels

the fact that comments made while standing in line at banks about monopolies not having to care, banksters, or criminal enterprises always elicit vigorous agreement

the fact that only obvious dummies argued for the government’s 9-11 story in web discussions

the rise of the III% patriots

Bundy Ranch

The brightest story of 2014 was that the CDC was right about Ebola, although it had lied about MMR-autism.

Considered as a system in historical context, the portents were ‘pre-revolutionary’. The nation was not on a sustainable path, and every observant person knew exciting times were nigh. By the end of 2014, the world-wide Greater Depression, aided by a foreign policy no outside observer could comprehend, was beginning to crash 3rd world economies, with the BRICs beginning to fail and Europe falter. Given the financial connectedness of everything, investors knew that US banks would begin failing in 2015.

The failing economy would affect everything, complicate everything, add so many constraints even easy problems of governance could not be solved. Not even if government were still capable of doing so.

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